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JBS Group (Scotland) Ltd are modern, efficient, forward-thinking company whose key aim is to understand and exceed their customer’s needs and expectations whilst offering value for money. JBS believe that they have over the last forty years achieved this by repeatedly delivering high quality products and services to their clients.


The “Sea-Axe” is the most advanced controlled flow excavation system in the marketplace today

Our patented vortex chamber along with the latest modern components makes the “Sea-Axe the most controllable, powerful and effective non-contact, non-intrusive excavation system in the subsea market.
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JBS Group (scotland) Ltd are able to to complete bespoke projects including the fabrication of offshore containers, accommodation modules, platform extensions and shipping baskets as well as seafastenings and tie downs onboard various vessels, onboard various vessels.

We are proud of the custom-built engineering, embracing fine machining tolerances, certified containerisation design and fabrication of oilfield handling structures. These are all part and parcel of the highly efficient and quality conscious operations that make JBS Group who we are today.