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  •  Servicing the fishing industry in Peterhead, Scotland since 1974.

  • Diversified into the energy sector, working in the UK North Sea providing Engineering, Marine and Fabrication services to the UK North Sea.

  • November 2016 – Added to product range to include ATEX screw conveyors for the oil and gas industry and industrial blast safety curtains.

  • October 2017 – Acquired the business of Aberdeen based Screw Conveyor Limited making JBS the Original Equipment Manufacturer and global market leader for the provision of ATEX screw conveyors to the oil and gas industry.

  • 2017 – Sea Axe Subsea Control Flow Excavation tool enters service completing 3 contracts in the UK and German waters.

  • 2017 – Completed blast curtain installation for the New York Power Authority USA at Robert Moses and LPGP power plants in Buffalo, NY.

  • JBS has developed from being a local business to an international business. From 2016 through to October 2018, JBS has worked in 28 countries across the following sectors: Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Healthcare, Construction, and Food and Beverage