JBS acquire Blast Curtains (Blast Containment)

Since 1975, the partners of JBS Energy have acquired, invested in and sold global aviation, energy, energy-related assets and companies. We continue to use a focused and opportunistic investment strategy coupled with access to our own and industry capital. Our team has a wealth of experience in all facets of the aviation and energy industries providing us with significant competitive advantage. We continue to seek attractive new investment opportunities and, where applicable, to develop partnerships with entrepreneurial entities to take advantage of these opportunities. We are committed to take a long-term view in creating value, both in acquiring new and existing managed assets, as well as the acquisition of existing portfolios of aviation and energy assets. We bring integrity and ethical conduct to every transaction.

In energy, our partners have experience with projects in over 60 countries. Today, our strategy is to focus on power generation, power grid ancillary services, new technology for the oil and gas industries, technology offering considerable cost savings when compares to traditional methods.

Additionally, we are open to look at renewable energy sources and traditional fossil fuels, including liquefied natural gas projects, infrastructure and services.

In aviation, our partners have acquired, managed and sold numerous aircraft and aircraft parts, including substantial numbers of jet engines to commercial airlines and maintenance and repair organizations worldwide. We are recognized by the aviation community globally for our investment expertise and experience. JBS transaction structuring and global industry contacts have generated solid financial returns for all participants.

The Xtegra Industrial Blast Curtains (Blast Containment) is a new technology, developed by AFT USA,  which can be used in many industries such as oil & gas, aerospace, defense, chemical, medical, space, transport and homeland security.

JBS Blast Curtains (Blast Containment) LLC are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are part of the JBS Group in Scotland UK and our corporate office in Scotland contains our workshop facilities extending to over 4 acres and 45 staff.