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The JBS Group Partners With BlastTac®

The JBS Group and BlastTac

The JBS Group is proud to partner with BlastTac®, a leading provider of blast curtains and blast blankets. Specializing in ballistic, blast, frag and fire protection, BlastTac blast curtain systems are applicable to a variety of industries worldwide. BlastTac® blast curtains and blast blankets are lightweight, flexible and odor resistant.

Blast Curtain Systems

Our blast curtain systems are suitable for the following applications: aerospace, commercial and industrial, fire, and oil and gas. BlastTac blast curtains are UL752 Certified to levels 1, 2, 2+, 3 and 3+ in ballistic protection. They are also frag protection tested to: 2-GRAIN RCC V50 BL(P), .22-CAL 17-GRAIN FSP V12 V50 BL(P) and .30-CAL FSP V50 BL(P).

The AB Series is applicable to the aerospace industry because it is UL752 certified to level 1, 2 and 3 in bullet resistance. This series also uses ArmourCore™ 132 technology for advanced protection against blast, ballistics and high-speed frag.

Similarly, the SB Series is frag protection tested in addition to UL752 tested to level 1, 2 and 3 in bullet resistance. The SB Series is primarily for the oil and gas industry. During BOP/Manifold pressure tests, manifold pressures run between 15,000 – 25,000 psi which is why we engineer the SB Series with ArmourCore™ 127 technology. ArmourCore technology provides protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats.

The CB Series is applicable to commercial and industrial applications. We engineer CB Series curtains with Unidirectional ArmourCore™ 121 technology to absorb the impact of bullets and fragmentation. ArmourCore technology also significantly reduces back-face trauma.

BlastTac designed the MB Series as a result of the safety threats facing our police and military personnel including terrorism, shootings, IED’s and explosives. Berry Amendment Compliant, MB Series blast curtains are also military grade and perform to UL752 levels 2 and 3 in bullet resistance.

FireMax Fireproof Protection

For additional fire protection, BlastTac offers FireMax® fireproof technology. FireMax is applicable to any series across the BlastTac line. FireMax provides for category 4+ protection against fire, heat and arc flash. They are truly non-flammable as they will not burn, melt, or ignite. They will also shed molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids and other molten substances. For exclusively fire protection, FireMax now offers exclusive thermal curtains and blankets for fire and high temperature applications.


Chesapeake Testing conducts rigorous military and industrial standard testing at their premiere facility in the USA. In addition, Chesapeake Testing tests our blast curtains and blankets to stringent standards including: ASTM, MIL Spec, NFPA and UL752. The BlastTac line is made in the USA at Breton Industries in Amsterdam, NY. Breton Industries is a leading U.S. Military Contractor established in 1949.

Performance Testing

The Chesapeake Testing facility, located in in the USA, tests BlastTac blast curtains and blast blankets to rigorous military and also industrial standards including:

  • ASTM, MIL Spec, NFPA and UL752.
  • In accordance with U.S. Military (Mil Spec), UL and ASTM International Test Standards.

Chesapeake Independent Testing

The JBS Group and BlastTac selected Chesapeake Testing, an industry leader in ballistic and armor protection systems testing, to independently test our blast curtain systems.

A NVLAP & A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory approved by the National Institute of Justice to perform personal body Armor testing to a NIJ-0101.06 and NIJ -0115.00 Standard for Stab Resistance of personal body Armor.

Chesapeake Testing is also approved by the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Centre to perform helmet, hard and soft Armor testing. Chesapeake Testing is climate controlled and includes indoor firing ranges, a forced entry/ballistic range, a mechanical testing lab, environmental conditioning lab, x-ray/computed tomography scanning lab, non-destructive testing lab and an outdoor range for small and large calibre munitions and blast testing.