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Aerospace Blast Protection





The JBS Group and BlastTac introduce the AB Series, designed and engineered specifically for the aerospace industry. AB series blast curtains and blankets are military grade and superior in blast, frag, fire and arc flash protection.

We offer a variety of standard options and custom engineered designs including:

  • 9880 Core Matrix Technology™
  • ArmourCore 132™
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Frag Protection
  • FireMax 717
  • Flash Arc Protection
  • Patented Epic™ Encapsulation
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Extreme Durability
  • Monolithic Performance
  • Easy Clean
  • Custom Made to Size
  • TacLoc™ Modular Connection System
  • Engineered to Specification
  • Internal Testing to Specification
  • Independent Lab Testing
  • Berry Amendment Compliance

Our curtains are UL752 Certified to: Level 1, Level 2, Level 2+, Level 3 and Level 3+ in blast protection. Blast curtains and blast blankets are frag performance tested to: 2-GRAIN RCC V50 BL(P), .22-CAL 17-GRAIN FSP V12 V50 BL(P) and .30-CAL FSP V50 BL(P).

The AB Series is designed using Core Matrix™ and AmourCore Technology. Unidirectional ArmourCore 132 is flexible in frag and blast protection. This technology is extremely versatile as it can be used with FireMax 717 to meet high-temperature applications.

New 9880 Core Matrix Technology™ meets the safety demands of the aerospace industry including threats of high-speed frag and high-pressure blasts. Core Matrix Technology™ significantly reduces back-face trauma and eliminates the need for layer counting, quilting and lamination.

Fire Protection

FireMax® is designed to survive high-temperature applications. FireMax is strong enough to protect against fire, heat and arc flash in a blast curtain. It is non-flammable and will not burn, melt or ignite, and sheds molten metal, various chemicals, flammable liquids and other molten substances. With a built-in patented EPIC barrier of silicone, FireMax is water resistant and long lasting in harsh weather conditions.

Our curtains are tested to international standards, including: ASTM, MIL Spec, NFPA and UL752. After careful testing throughout the development stage, our blankets and curtains are verified by Chesapeake Testing in Maryland. BlastTac blast curtains are more effective than steel, incredibly lightweight and unmatched in blast protection performance. Our AB Series blast curtains are made in the USA at our facility in Amsterdam, NY. Breton Industries has served as a leading U.S. Military Contractor since 1949. Our military experience is the driving force behind the careful design and manufacturing of the world’s finest blast blankets and curtains.

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  • AB18NS
  • AB24NM
  • AB26NM
  • AB208NM
  • AB310NM
  • AB338NM
  • AB24FM
  • AB26FM
  • AB208FM
  • AB310FM
  • AB338FM


  • MIL-STD-662F
  • UL752 LEVEL 1,2,3
  • .30-CAL FSP V50
  • 17-GRAIN FSP V12
  • ASTM D5043
  • ASTM D1424
  • ASTM D4966
  • ASTM F955
  • ASTM F1930-13
  • EN 1149-2
  • EN ISO 11611
  • ASTM 1506
  • NFPA 1971 (2007)
  • NFPA 1975 (2009)
  • NFPA 1977 (2005)
  • NFPA 2112 (2007)
  • NFPA 70E HRC 2