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JBS Heat Exchangers Division offers specialist Project Management, Heat Exchanger Maintenance Support Services to the oil and gas industry both on and offshore.

We have a large local presence to enable us to service your requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The thing that make us different from most other service companies is that here at JBS Group (Scotland) Ltd, we have technical specialists in each key area that work and assists the team ensuring that our clients are aware of the best options. Our dedicated team of local specialists advise and manage Heat Exchangers, Asset Disposal, Fabrication, Engineering and NDT testing services.

JBS can turnaround repairs/builds and assist in offshore shutdowns at very short notice.

We are proud to offer a full range of Heat Exchanger parts and services ranging from small to large Plate Heat Exchangers in a varied range of gasket types / sizes.

We offer a wide range of solutions to remove redundent oilfield equipment from your assets .

We can supply engineers to inspect, review and provide the best and most efficient cost effective method to break down the equipment and also to reduce manual handling operations.

We pride ourselves on redusing risk to the work parties involved in the operation and the operating plant equipment within the work area.

Our aim is to provide good planning, analysing all operational aspects of the asset and its effectiveness being able to carry out normal operations during the removal process and providing the best and most suitable equipment to carry out the task in hand.