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The JBS Material Handling (Screw Conveyor) Division specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing screw conveyors. With over 40 years of experience, our sector specific knowledge provides for an easy client experience from beginning to end. Our capability to accommodate both onshore and offshore applications establishes progressive and loyal partnerships worldwide. 

The JBS Material Handling (Screw Conveyor) Division is an ISO 9001 approved company supplying a variety of screw conveyors including:

■  Standard U Trough
■  Tubular
■  Hydraulic Drive
■  Electric Drive—ATEX IECEx and NEMA UL
■  Stainless Steel
■  Vertical
■  Screw Feeders
■  High Temperature Applications
■  Shaftless and Multiple Shaft
■  Inclined, Full Pitch and Half Pitch Flight

We provide low cost solutions including design, manufacturing, shipment, installation and commissioning. We also provide 24/7 global support, services and spare parts.

Screw Conveyor Design

The JBS Group Material Handling (Screw Conveyor) Division provides complete design, manufacturing and installation services for screw conveyor users worldwide. Each screw conveyor is manufactured to CEMA standards and approved for zone 1 hazardous area operations. CEMA standards for screw conveyor parts focus on adherence to design standards, safety, manufacturing and applications that also promote the advancement of material handling technology.


The Inclined Screw Conveyor JBS Knuckle Joint modifies the angle of the conveyor.

universal joint inclined screw conveyors inclined

JBS Supplies the Immediate Stop Brake (ISB)

The ISB will immediately shutdown a screw conveyor as a result of the activation of the emergency stop button. Watch the video to see the difference between a screw conveyor with an ISB installed and one without.

How the Immediate Stop Brake (ISB) Functions for both IECEx and NEMA Approved Installations

Problem – A conventional screw conveyor drive takes up to six revolutions to come to a complete stop after the emergency stop button activates.
Solution – Installing an ISB to the drive system. With an ISB, the conveyor will come to an IMMEDIATE STOP upon activation of the emergency stop button. The ISB is a FAIL SAFE device and will not cause mechanical damage to the conveyor when activated.


The next generation JBS Immediate Stop Brake ensures that the conveyor will come to an IMMEDIATE STOP upon activation of the emergency stop button. This is Best Available Technology (BAT) to bring a screw conveyor to a complete stop within 0.5 seconds of E-Stop activation. INCREASE OPERATOR SAFETY AND INSTALL THE JBS IMMEDIATE STOP BRAKE SYSTEM NOW !! Click on the pdf for further information.

Key Benefits:

SAFETY: Immediate Stop in 0.5 seconds – Fail Safe Operation

LESS COST: 25% Cost Saving

NEXT GENERATION: 35% smaller footprint, less rig space

Ease of Installation: Less Moving Parts, Less Maintenance, Explosion Proof for Hazardous Area Operation.

Increased Efficiency: Simple Retrofit

Fixed & Variable Speed: Direct Drive

24/7 Global Support

Best Available Technology (BAT)

Screw Conveyors Aberdeen Peterhead, Material Handling
Screw Conveyors Aberdeen Peterhead, Material Handling
twin auger screw conveyors

The JBS Group’s headquarters are in Peterhead, close to Aberdeen in northeast Scotland. Similarly we provide 24/7 support to all of our clients including:

  • Conveyor design, selection and production of manufacturing drawings.
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Client  and 3rd party (DNV, BV) Inspections.
  • Individual documentation packages and all relevant ATEX IECEx and NEMA UL certificates.
  • Door to door service – we will deliver direct to our clients’ facilities anywhere in the world.
  • Extensive stockholding in the UK and overseas.
  • Installation services – JBS will install or supervise screw conveyor installation at onshore and offshore locations.
  • Installation engineers have multiple visas in order to work overseas.
  • Offshore certified installation engineers, welders, fabricators and commissioning engineers.
  • Cost effective screw conveyor solutions.

The relationships we have with our clients and the quality of the services we provide are the driving forces behind the JBS Group. We also value the relationships we have with our business partners and vendors who support our operations.

We also provide ancillary equipment to support and enhance our screw conveyor systems including:

  • Electrical Control Equipment – Start and Stop Control Panels, Inverter Drives, Emergency Stop Buttons, Grabwire Switches, Electrical Cut-Out Conveyor Top Covers (will shut off the conveyor if opened)
  • Immediate Stop Brake System
  • Swivel Discharges, Inlets, Swivel Pedestals
  • Pneumatic slide gate discharges, manual slide gates and rack and pinion slide gates.
  • ATEX pneumatic controllers for single and multiple conveyor control
  • ATEX IECEX and NEMA UL electric drive systems horizontal and vertical mount, reversible drive systems, dual drive systems and hydraulic drive systems
  • Skip station design, manufacturing and installation
  • They are designed to open and close using a hinge system
  • Box section support around troughs
  • Stainless steel, Hardox and carbon steel
  • Paint specification to client RAL code
  • Vertical and inclined screw conveyors use our universal joint to provide the inclined angle
  • Screw feeders to regulate material flow
  • UHMW liners with shaftless screws


Photostatic Collage-screw conveyorsswivel pedestal screw conveyors